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Brazier's Park 12th - 13th September 2009

One of the nice things about being a (not-)white van man is meeting new people. Much of my work is word-of-mouth recommendation so that tends to select for the sort of people I get on with. A while back I did some work for a couple in Caversham who, through various links know several others of my friends and clients, and even my manager at the last company I worked for in Bracknell. Friendly folks, and they invited me to join them and several others (mostly parents whose children went to the same primary school) for what has become an annual camping weekend in September at Braziers Park in South Oxfordshire.

I knew there would be children there about the same age as my younger son Arion (then 10) and took him along with me, thinking it would be fun for us to go camping together and that, although he wouldn't know any of the other kids, he'd probably get along with them and maybe make some new friends. We arrived and our host was about to introduce Arion to the other kids when ... "Hi Arion" – "Oh hi Jonno" – it turned out they already knew each other through other friends of our family – including Arion's best friend – who turned up later that evening.

Give me an E is not a drug reference